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Record Breaking Sales Lake of the Ozarks 2020

Record Breaking Sales at the Lake of the Ozarks....
The numbers below are for the Board of Realtors shared MLS through the 3rd Quarter.  The question isn't IF it is WHEN.  Give me a call if you are thinking of buyer or selling and I can share the current market in your area.
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THE NUMBERS ARE IN! Lake of the Ozarks Real Estate


The recover has been a long time coming at the Lake of the Ozarks.  We are now approaching the record sales number of 2006, the year the Lake reached the peak for Real Estate Sales. In some property types the average price has shown an increase in AVERAGE SALE PRICE.  

In 2006 there were 3636 total sales at the Lake of the Ozarks with an average sale price of $200,033.  In 2017 there was a total of 3247 total sales with an average sale price of 203,554.  Expectations are that 2018 will be the year that we achieve or exceed the numbers of 2006.

LAKEFRONT HOMES:  There were 950 sales in 2017 which exceeded 2006 units sold of 881. The average sale price was $335,252 with 136 days on the market and a list to sale price of 94.8 percent.

NON LAKEFRONT HOMES:  Total sales in 2017 were 983 up from 955 in 2006.  Sale price was $147,095 with 134 Days on the Market and the list to sale price of 95.4 percent

RESALE CONDOS:  In 2017 sales were 852 below the 2006 number of 983.  Average sale price was $156,930 below 2006.  Days on the market were 134 with a list to sale price of 96.4 percent.

The Lake Market covers a four county area.  If you are interested in numbers for your property or area, feel free to contact me for more details information.  I maybe reached at 573 302-2328 or

* Based on information from the Association of REALTORS Bagnell Dam REALTORS MLS for the time period of Jan 1 2017 to Dec 31 2017.

Video of Four Season Lake of the Ozarks


Click to View Video of Lake of the Ozarks  Four Seasons at Lake of the Ozarks has so much to offer anyone wanting to live or visit Lake of the Ozarks.  Call me if I can help you with your dream!

Lake of the Ozarks, Real Estate Market Update Jan 1 to Sept 1 2017


Wow, What an exciting year!

All the news with real estate sales this year is positive!  I am excited to share the closed sales number for 2017 and comparing with the prior years activity.  The Lake is on the move.

LAKEFRONT HOMES:  Sales for 2017 came in at 646 closed units for the MLS compared to 2016 when there were 479 Lakefront homes closed for the same time period.  The days on the market have decreased to 138 from the prior year of 142.  Average Sold Price for 2017 Lake Homes is $338,717 increased from $321,326 in 2016.  Foreclosures are very limited with only 16 sales closed so far this year.

NON LAKE HOMES:  Increased of 60 units closed to 671 properties for 2017 Jan. 1 - Sept 1, for homes located off the water.  The increases were more modest from the 611 of last year but, continue the trend of increased units sold from 2015 which there were 584 closed.  Days on the market are 134 compared to 146 last year.  There are more foreclosure sales in Non Lake Home classification with 56 homes sold compared to 61 in 2016 and 85 in 2015.  The trend of decreasing foreclosure sales has remained constant over the last 5 years as the market becomes more stable. 

CONDO:  The trend continues with sales or Original Sale and Resale Condos with 584 units closed for 2017 and 480 closed for the same time period in 2016.  Days on the market decreased in resale condos to 133 days from 146 in 2016.  It is extremely difficult to find a foreclosure in the condo classification with only 7 sales that were distressed so far this year.  We have seen an increase in 2017 in the Average Sale price of sold condos to $157,400 from $152,507 in 2016.

LAND:  Lake front Land sales have nearly doubled from last year with 61 closed transactions shown in the MLS.  A reminder that this number is from all sales in a 4 county area.  Non Lakefront Land is the only classification that has shown a decrease with 116 properties sold compared to 172 in 2016.  The 116 sales in Non Lake front land is consistent with the 120 units sold in 2015.

TOTAL SALES:  Total sales so far in 2017 for the time period are 2,172 compared to last year at 1,878 and 2015 units sold of 1801.  Total Sales Volume for 2017 is $449,927,801 compared to $350,695,956 in the year 2016.

The market has been very strong and the limiting factor has been a lack of inventory for people looking to purchase homes and condos.  This is a great time to consider listing your property if you are ready to move.

Buyers are still ready to go with attractive interest rates and value pricing.  Give me a call if you have questions about the sales numbers or would like specific information about your buying or selling options.  You can search property on your own by visiting Easy Search Tab.

*Based on Information from the Association of REALTORS Shared MLS (Bagnell Dam Association of REALTORS) for the Period Jan 1, 2017 to Sept 1, 2017 and the same date period for 2016 and 2015 for comparison of trends.

Real Estate Market Update for 1st Quarter of 2017


The Numbers Are In!

Closed Sales from 1/1/2017 to 3/31/2017 - Based on information from the Bagnell Dam Assoc of Realtors and Lake of the Ozarks Board of Realtors shared MLS.  * Days on the market are reflective on present listing only and don't show prior listing activity.


Lakefront Homes Sales:  There has been strong movement in this catagory of property with units closed at 160 compared to last year same time period where 108 transactions we closed.  Property Days on the Market is 175 Days for Lakefront Homes.


All Homes Not Lakefront:  The market has remained flat at 181 transactions closed and the same amount last year.  The big movement was in 2015 at 152 units to 181 in 2016.  Days on the market 155.


Condo Sales:  There was a reasonable increase from 110 units sold for the first quarter last year to 130 units closed in 2017.  This number is reflective of New construction and Re sale units.  Days on the market are 148 for this time period  Villas and Townhomes flat with 13 units closed.


Lakefront Lots and Land:  We have seen a significant increase in the number of units closed from 9 last year to 18 this year.  As prices of existing homes and availability tightens up, I expect this trend to continue.


Non Lakefront Land:  Units closed in 2017 were 35 compared to 66 in 2016 and 50 closed in 2015.  Days on the market 208.  I expect as builders jump back into the market this will be a growth area for the Lake area.


Commercial:  The sale of commercial property is about half of what it was last year for the same time period. These number are often not accurate as Commercial sales often aren't reported to the MLS.


Total Transactions:  The trend continues up with sales increased by 37 closed units bringing the total sold to 547.  Prior year of 2016 was 510 closed and 2015 closed units were 467.


There are hot price ranges and areas in each of these catagories.  Give me a call if you have interest in the numbers in your neighborhood or complex 573 302-2328.  All Real Estate Markets are Local!


Market Update 3 year comparison Jan 1 to Sept 30 2016


There have been interesting trends in the market at the lake.  We are seeing a bit of a mixed bag.  Lakefront homes and Lake front Lots have show sluggish sales this year.  Lake Homes were down showing homes sold at 547 units compared to 595 for the same period last year.  Lake lots were more flat with sales of 41 lots lake wide compared to 46 for the same time last year.

The bright spot in sales has been the classification of All Homes not Lakefront with grew from 628 sales last year to 684 homes closed this year.  All Non Lakefront Land mirrored the homes showing an increase from sold land last year of 137 to 180 pieces for ground closed this year.  The strength in this classification of property may be attributed to the lake area becoming a year round, full time resident location.  These properties are more affordable than Lake properties and serve many full time workers in the area.

Condo sale for New units and Re Sale units have been up slightly with 527 sales last year through Sept and up to 560 sold units for 2016.  Villa and Town homes have also shown improvement with sales up from 47 units sold to 63 this year.

Overall the market continues to remain strong with 2148 sales which is up 95 transaction from 2015 through Sept.  We have seen Foreclosure Sales drop from 196 sold in 2014 through Sept to 117 this year.  We are entering a stable market and expect this pattern to continue in the near future.




Real Estate Sales Lake of the Ozarks May 31 2015


The market at the Lake of the Ozarks continues to show gains with Total number of transaction at 955 up from 840 in 2014 Jan 1st to May 31.  Increases have continued while the number of foreclosures sold is decreasing to 96 units from 114 last year and 145 in 2013.  The lack of foreclosures in the market show the overall improved strength of real estate at the Lake.

Resale Condominiums continue strong growth with sales of 218 units up from 167 in 2014.  The average List price is $155,330 with an average sale price of $148,477.  The market time of condos is 151 days but is expected to decrease as the summer season begins.

Another bright spot is the sale of Non Lakefront homes up from 278 last year to 315 units closed up to May 31st.  The average list price is $135,262 with average sale price at 94.9% to $128,321.

Lakefront lot closings have remained consistent with 23 properties sold and an average List Price of $200,763 and Sold Price of $182,159.  The Average Market days for Lake Lots is 224 days.

Non Lakefront Land is demonstrating stronger numbers with 80 closed units in 2015 compared to 66 last year.  Days on the Market are similar to Lakefront at 233 days.

The Lake market is consistently showing gains and has for the last five years.  Property prices are showing some upward pressure with the lack of inventory being the primary reason.  Unlike other areas the steady growth at the Lake makes the chances of a Real Estate Bubble very small at the Lake in the current conditions. 

For information on your property and it's market condition give me a call or click contact button on site.

*Information is taken from Shared MLS at the Lake of the Ozarks





Recover Continues: 3 Year Unit Sale Comparison


                                                2012                           2013                             2014


Lakefront Homes                       671                             678                               742


Non Lakefront                            689                             771                               763


Resale Condos                           473                             508                               518


Villa/Townhome                          37                               48                                  61


Lakefront Lots                             51                               68                                  61


Non Lake Land                          124                              171                               155


Total Classifications                   2145                           2413                             2438


Information from the shared MLS.  Contact me for information on property you are interested in purchasing or selling.

Karie Jacobs 573 480-3194



Fireworks Lake of the Ozarks 2014


Independence Day Fireworks

Jul 04, 2014 - Jul 05, 2014

Lake of the Ozarks Missouri

Bear Bottom Resort
Saturday, July 5th
8:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Hwy 5 to 123 Bear Bottom Drive in Sunrise Beach
View by land at Bear Bottom Resort or by water at the 38 Mile Marker.
Parking is limited; Arrive early.
Call for details: 573-374-6905

Beavers at the Dam Fireworks by Iguana
Saturday, July 5th
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
1076 Bagnell Dam Blvd in Lake Ozark
View by land at Beavers at the dam or by water at the 0 Mile Marker.
Parking is limited; Arrive early.
Call for details: 573-365-7118

Captain Ron's Bar & Grill
Saturday, July 5th
8:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Hwy 5 to Lake Road 5-50 to 82 Aloha Lane
Parking is limited; Arrive early.
View by water at the 34.5 Mile Marker
Call for details: 573-374-5852

Celebration Cruises
Friday, July 4th
7:00 pm to 9:30 pm
Jeffries Rd to 5076 Davis Drive in Osage Beach
View the Lodge of Four Seasons fireworks display from the water at the 13 Mile Marker, aboard the Celebration Cruises yacht.
Call for reservations and details: (573) 480-3212

City of Eldon
Friday, July 4th
Fireworks begin at dusk.
Eldon City Park
Call for Details: 573-392-2291

Freedom Fest 2014 at Sonlight Christian Fellowship
Friday, July 4th
Fireworks begin at dusk.
Sonlight Christian Fellowship
808 Old Hwy 5 South

Lake Valley Country Club
Friday, July 4th
Display begins at dusk.
Call Camdenton City Hall for more info: 573-346-3600

Mother Nature's Riverfront Retreat
Friday, July 4th
878 Garden Road, Macks Creek, MO Live Entertainment. Fireworks display begins at dusk.
Call for more info: 573-363-5408

Larry's On The Lake
Saturday, July 5th
Display begins at dusk.
31 Mile Marker by water. Parking is limited; Arrive Early.
Call for more info: 573-873-5227

Playin' Hooky Fireworks Cruise
Friday, July 4th
8:30 pm to 10:00 pm
Departing from Camden on the Lake Marina at 2359 Bittersweet Rd in Lake Ozark
$20 per person
Call for reservations and details: 573-434-2627

The Lodge of Four Seasons
Friday, July 4th
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
315 Four Seasons Drive in Lake Ozark
Adult $22, Children $12, 5 and under Free
BBQ and Carnival held prior to the fireworks event (weather permitting).
Paid Non-Hotel Guests must be on the Lodge of Four Seasons property before 8:00 pm.
View by water at the 13 Mile Marker
Call for details: 573-365-3000

Old Kinderhook
Saturday, July 5th
5:00 pm - 9:30 pm
All American Cookout & Pig Roast. Music by The Randy Man Band. Festivities include bounce houses, ballook artists, face painters, s'mores and other kids activities; Concession stand & beer garden. Fireworks begin at dusk.
Call for details: 573-317-3560

Tan-Tar-A Resort
Friday, July 4th
8:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Hwy KK to 494 Tan Tar A Drive in Osage Beach
Viewing by land on the Tan-Tar-A property reserved for resort guests only.
View by water at the 26 Mile Marker
Call for details: 573-348-3131

Tropic Island Cruises
Friday, July 4th
8:30 pm to 9:30 pm
494 Tan Tar A Drive in Osage Beach
View the Tan-Tar-A Resort fireworks display from the water at the 26 Mile Marker, aboard the Tropic Island Cruises yacht.
Call for reservations and details: 573-348-0083

City of Versailles
Friday, July 4th
8:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Versailles City Park
Fireworks display begins at dusk.
Call for details: 573-378-4401

Momma's Market
Thursday, July 10th
5.5 Mile Marker by water.
Parking is limited; Arrive Early.
Call for more info: 573-365-2399

Seven Springs Winery
Saturday, July 12th
$10 per person. Seating starts at 7:00 pm
Call for Reservations; Seating will fill quickly: 573-317-0100

Lake of the Ozark Events May 17 2014


Lake of the Ozarks Events May 17 2014


Oma & Noma Heritage festival

9-5 Bagnell Dam Strip, Lake Ozark

573 365-7132

Step back in time as the city and the Dam

Celebrate the first crossing of Bagnell Dam by

Oma and Noma Degraffenried in 1931.  Dress in

Era style clothing and enjoy an old fashioned

Food, Crafts, Contest, 5 K run, vintage

Car show and frog jumping contest.


Mid Coast Bike Run

573 280-1154

Noble Eagles host the Mid coast Bike

Run nicknamed the start of the bike season

By the biking Life Magazine.  As many as

500 bikes converge on downtown Eldon, Missouri

To start the day long festivities.  Music, food,

Drinks and beautiful Regal Eagle girls help entertain

the crowd.  Proceeds are used to fund collegiate

Scholarships for local youth.


Newcomers Longtimers 20th Annual Home Tour

573 348-81534 pm Lake area.

20th Annual Home Tour 10-4.  Annual benefit at the Lake

To raise funds for local charities.  Tickets in advance

Are $20.  For additional information contact Terri Hall

At 573 348-8153.

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